My Bridgestone RB-1

I am a bike commuter again. With gas well over $3 a gallon it just makes sense. Throughout my life I have had a somewhat varied relationship with the bike. I have been a racer, a commuter, a long-distance solo tourist, a club rider and yes a commuter.

I have started commuting to work again this summer. I began on my fixed gear bike but the 10 miles with hills on both ends was too much. I had lowrider mounts put on my Bridgestone RB-1 so now I can carry front panniers as shown in the picture and this is my commuting setup. I am going to try and mix biking to work and swimming for the rest of the summer.

Now, if only we had showers in my building 🙁

Since I am an old man I have a bailout gear on this bike. The setup is an Ultegra triple but I replaced the rings with TA Alize 24-38-48 up front and 13-24 in the rear. So if things get really bad and it looks like there is no tomorrow I can drop into 24×24! I was concerned that I might have to resort to the 24 ring up front. Apparently all the fixed gear time paid off I took a different route home and on the big hill I managed to ride my 38×19 all the way up!