By Timothy H. Lim

The significant other to the Qumran Scrolls sequence deals accomplished and obtainable introductions to the corpus of texts from Qumran. This quantity, dedicated to the attribute biblical commentaries, discusses their contents and heritage, in addition to their popular courting to either New testomony and rabbinic scriptural exegesis. as with any the books during this sequence, this advisor is perfect for undergraduate and graduate classes.This ebook introduces the reader to 1 of an important genres of sectarian writing from Qumran: the Pesharim, or biblical commentaries. Timothy Lim systematically discusses the textual features of the quoted bible verses, the literary style and its dating with rabbinic midrash, the features of sectarian exegesis, the character of the old allusions, and the typical gains, even if actual or imagined, with the hot testomony. Taking account of all proper and lately released texts and with an annotated bibliography, this can be an authoritative consultant for the coed or non-specialist student.

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T h e last explicit reference to them occurs in the middle o f col. 17. N o t e that 'the nations' (ba-goyim) condemned for idolatry at the end o f cols. 12 and 13 are not the Kittim as such, despite the equation o f 'nation' (ha-goy) in Hab. 6a with the Kittim in col. 12. This is a 2. The Continuous Pesharim 37 phenomenon, discussed above, that uses the same term to designate different referents. Other Features. T h e inherent exegesis of the Habakkuk pesher is the primaryreason for its prominence in discussions about the genre.

T h e mixing of historical and coded references appears to be inspired by the biblical text where the oracles o f Nahum name Assyria and Nineveh but also refer to them symbolically as 'lions' and 'young lions'. 4 Q p N a h has a greater proportion o f segmentation than any other pesher. Notable, it shares with the Habakkuk Pesher a polysemic approach to the biblical text (cf. 'lion' in 4 Q p N a h and 'traitors/nations' in I Q p H a b col. 2 ) . Pesher as a literary genre is more diverse than has been previously recog­ nized.

14, 21) and a space to separate the lemma from the comment (frags. 10) are exegetical scribal practices also found in 4 Q 1 6 6 and 4 Q 1 6 7 . 2. 4 Q p I s a ( 4 Q 1 6 2 ) The single fragment of three columns o f this pesher interprets Isa. 9. T h e biblical text appears to have been exegeted eschatologically ('as regards the end o f days', col. 1). But the commentary is brief and seems to be no more than mere glosses. The 'scoffers' in Jerusalem, possibly a coded reference to the followers o f the Wicked Priest, being identified with the pleasure seekers o f Isa.

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