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50 CHAPTER 4 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Figure 4-15 Electron and positive holes formed by the primary and secondary ionizations migrate in the field created by the anode and cathode. or x-ray), the energy of the radiation, and the density of the absorber. By comparing the amount of exposure of film behind each strip (including a fourth uncovered area), some estimate as to the type and energy of the radiation can be determined. Unlike the pen dosimeter, which can be read by the user, the film badge must be sent to an outside laboratory for interpretation.

21 z I N T E R A C T I O N O F R A D I AT I O N W I T H M AT T E R C ( ) Figure 2-1 Predominant type of interaction for various combinations of incident photons and absorber atomic numbers. Figure 2-2 Compton scattering. 22 CHAPTER 2 called the photoelectric effect and the ejected electron is called a photoelectron (Fig. 2-4). This electron leaves the atom with an energy equal to the energy of the incident gamma ray diminished by the binding energy of the electron. An outer-shell electron then fills the inner-shell vacancy and the excess energy is emitted as an x-ray.

4-9). The dose calibrator consists of an ionization chamber surrounding an open well. The walls of the well are permeable to photons. The current produced in the circuitry is proportional to the number of primary ionizations in the chamber. The amount of current is registered as radioactivity in megabecquerel or millicurie. The dose calibrator can only report the activity, not the type of radiation or radiopharmaceutical. The accuracy of the reading is affected by such factors as the type of dose container, its proper placement in the dose calibrator, and the calibration and regular recalibration of the instrument itself.

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