By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The warfare among the States can be over for the remainder of the rustic, yet no longer for equipment Weston. Disguised as a boy, she's come to manhattan urban to kill Baron Cain, the guy who stands among her and Risen Glory, the South Carolina domestic she loves. yet unknown to equipment, the american struggle hero is greater than her bitterest enemy—he's additionally her mother or father. And he will be much tougher to kill than she's figured on . . . Believing that Kit's a boy, Cain bargains the grubby rapscallion a role in his good. yet he has no inspiration what he is in for, and it is not lengthy earlier than the hero of Missionary Ridge discovers the reality. His scamp of a reliable boy is a strong-willed, violet-eyed good looks who is hell-bent on using him loopy. hard-headed, passionate humans . . . obdurate competitors with gentle souls . . . occasionally wars of the center can purely be gained throughout the sweetest of surrenders.

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Rawlins Cogdell prayed that God would forgive him for the satisfaction he was taking in putting a spoke in this Yankee's wheel. The Hero of Missionary Ridge, indeed! How galling it was to be forced to entertain such a man. But what else was he to do? These days blue-uniformed occupation troops were everywhere, and even a man of God had to be careful not to offend. His wife, Mary, appeared in the doorway with a plate holding four tiny finger sandwiches, each one spread with a thin glaze of strawberry preserves.

The girl they'd called Elsbeth. She stood trembling and terrified, her eyes wide as teacups, her pretty lips trembling. "Are you deaf or something? " For the first time, Kit noticed the room had two beds. The girl was sweet-faced, one of those people with a naturally kind disposition, and Kit couldn't find it in her heart to bully her. At the same time, she was the enemy. " "Mrs… Mrs. Templeton won't let me. " Kit cursed, yanked up her skirts, and sank down on the bed. " "My—my father. He's Mr.

It couldn't have been easy growing up with a stepmother who hated her, a father who ignored her, and a community that disapproved of her. " Mary's small hands fluttered in her lap. "Gracious, Mr. Cain, you misunderstand. We're all deeply fond of her. Katharine Louise is a generous and warmhearted person. Her hunting skills have put food in the mouths of our poorest families, and she never fails to cheer us up. " Cain had played too much poker not to know when he was beaten. Willard Ritter had given him letters of introduction to four families in Rutherford, and he'd been rejected by all of them.

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