By Bryan J. Grapes

Information of AIDS and different sexually transmitted illnesses has elevated with schooling efforts. yet has the matter been overblown? And what are the simplest tools of prevention? This anthology debates those concerns within the following chapters: Are Sexually Transmitted ailments a major challenge? should still Public healthiness Measures Be Used to avoid the unfold of HIV? How Can Sexually Transmitted illnesses Be avoided?

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I’ve lost 20 relatives to AIDS,” says Andrew Mlewa. “Now it’s hitting my dad. He divorced my mom and married another woman. She died, her kids died. ” Risky Sexual Practices Certain sexual practices have hastened the spread of AIDS. African men often demand “dry sex,” claiming that a dry vagina is more pleasurable. The women are forced to use herbs and other means to dry themselves, but dry sex results in vaginal tears and abrasions that increase the rate of HIV transmission. Most men in eastern and southern Africa are uncircumcised, which seems to make them more vulnerable to HIV.

But heroin or cocaine itself is most likely more dangerous than the dirty needles through which it is passed. AIDS and Fast-Track Homosexuals The remaining AIDS cases occur mostly among male homosexuals, the group that originally defined the epidemic. But the homosexuals who get AIDS form a special subset—sexually hyperactive and often promiscuous men, the so-called fast-track homosexuals. Their lifestyle emerged during the 1970s together with the new drug-use epidemic in the bathhouses, discotheques, and sex clubs.

He claims to have personally investigated the disease and doubts that HIV leads to AIDS. He questions whether AZT, one of the most useful medicines in slowing the progress of HIV, really works. ) Partly as a result of Mbeki’s foolishness, South Africa refuses to give AZT to pregnant women close to term—even though it 37 CC STDs Frontmatter 2/25/04 2:52 PM Page 38 Sexually Transmitted Diseases greatly reduces the spread of HIV to newborns. Dr. Colin Eisenstein, medical director at Anglo Gold, the nation’s biggest gold-mining company, is furious.

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