By Michael Beyer

The intriguing experiments of the BABAR and BELLE collaborations have now confirmed violation of CP symmetry within the impartial B method. This has renewed powerful curiosity within the physics of CP violation. Novel experimental recommendations and new hugely severe neutron assets are actually changing into on hand to extra attempt the similar time reversal symmetry. they'll considerably reduce the present restrict at the neutron electrical dipole second and for this reason open up new exams of theoretical innovations past the traditional version. those are strongly required to provide an explanation for the decisive way over subject as opposed to antimatter in our Universe. there's a de?nite have to converse those fascinating advancements to more youthful scientists, and accordingly we geared up a summer season university in October 2000 on “CP Violation and similar Topics”, which used to be held in Prerow, a small Baltic Sea lodge. those Lecture Notes have been encouraged via the brilliant - terest of the members, and i'm thankful to the authors, who confronted the unforeseen and added the entire fabric for an up to date creation to this wide ?eld. it's a nice excitement for me to warmly thank the Co-organizers of the summer season tuition, Henning Schr¨oder, Thomas Mannel, Klaus R. Schubert and my colleague Roland Waldi. additionally i need to precise my honest due to the Volkswagen-Stiftung for his or her ?nancial aid of this inspiring summer time tuition.

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We are naturally led to the notion of conormal distribution. considered in great generality in Hormander (371. 1. reRn asmoothhypersurface. r if MI' .. Al;u E H',«(Rn) for all smooth vector fields MI ..... r. r. r). r) are algebras for s ) n 12. More generally. they are invariant under the action of smooth functions. r ) for s ) n 12. r). 2. r - (rl - 0). r. t:oo({rl - 0)) for all s ( 112. t:OO(rl - 0)) for aU s < r + 112. 53 III. s;oo({II = 0)) implies that sing supp( u) c OJ. since away from that set.

1. let jJ E coo(12), fJ '"' O. I ~ -112. fJ .. 1, t 2 O. For 80y s > 1 there is a choice of Cauchy data (go. ing supp( u) - (x - t) u (x - - t) u (x - O. t > 0). Moreover, u i H26+512+t,«({x - O. t) 0)) for80Y pO. For a second order equation in one space dimension, as discussed earlier, Rauch-Reed (58) prove that no such weak nonlinear singularities can occur. Singularities not present in the linear case arise from the crossing of two or more singularity-bearing characteristics. From each crossing point of singularities for the corresponding linear problem, there are solutions to nonlinear problems with singularities along all of the forward characteristics.

0)). For instance. take v E 8"/«(1 3) with D v - O. « WF( v) - T, U T2 .. ,,)EK2). A"I - {( T. O): T> OJ. O. r): T> OJ. II1A{TI u T2)COJIIP). O. ,,) E A"I + i'2). 3a). Since charCO) n (TI u T2 u f) - fl U f2 • it follows from Hormander's Theorem that for B the forward fundamental solution for D C fl U f2 u f. FCf( cult to show that the solution to a nonlinear problem of the form v» Du = 1'( I,I,U), f ;; 0 for 1<0. U .. v for 1<0. F( u) C fl U f2 U f. ~upp( v). Thus it is necessary to consider the interaction of linear solu- 35 II.

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