By Jean Heidmann

The immensity of the cosmos, the richness of the Universe, the bounds of house and time: those are the topics of Cosmic Odyssey, which takes the reader on imaginary trips during the prior, current and way forward for our universe

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Elections A character’s Reputation determines how much influence has on board ship. Most ordinary deckhands will just follow the character with the highest Reputation, or who has won their trust. In any contest of influence on board ship, follow this procedure: Next, the positions of the rest of the crew must be considered. Step Two Remove from consideration all members of the crew whose Reputation is less than half that of the highest Reputation on board ship. Effectively, this will remove Step Three Of those crewmen remaining after step two, determine who each of them supports whom.

First Mate: Present only on large ships (100 crew or more); helps command the crew. Gives a bonus to any one skill. Second Mate: Present only on very large ships (200 crew or more); helps command the crew. Gives a bonus to any one skill. 30 Benefits of Rank Musician First Mate Second Mate 1 1¼ 1¼ Temporary Reputation Requirement Modifier None +6 None +5 Boating 20% +3 Gunnery 20% +3 Cooking 20% +4 Craft (carpentry) +2 20% First Aid 20% +2 Lore (navigation) +2 20% Perform 20% +2 None +2 None +2 Improvement Crews gain improvement rolls just like characters, but a crew gains improvement rolls more rarely – on average, a crew gets one roll per story.

A Note On Random Tables There is an infamous story told in an old Dragon magazine about a space-faring game. The players showed up and spent a few hours rolling up their characters and their brand new ship. They are all excited and enthused about the idea of playing spacetravelling traders and adventurers. Finally, the game kicks off. Their ship leaves the space station and jumps into hyperspace. Their navigator rolls his Hyperspace Navigation skill, and passes with ease. However, in the system they were using, there is a tiny chance that a jump will go wrong anyway, and it does.

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