By Michel Aglietta, Antoine Reberioux

Fresh company governance scandals have delivered to the fore the inherent contradictions of a capitalism ruled through monetary markets. This not easy booklet by way of Michel Aglietta and Antoine Rebérioux argues that capitalism’s easy premise - that businesses has to be controlled within the sole curiosity in their shareholders - is incongruent with the present atmosphere of liquid markets, profit-hungry traders and persistent monetary instability. The authors recommend quite corporation may be controlled as an establishment the place universal goals are constructed for all stakeholders, and that this democratic precept could be prolonged to the administration of collective discounts to minimize macro-financial instability. those stipulations, they contend, can make modern capitalism a motor vehicle for social development. during this context, company Governance Adrift additionally analyzes the monetary scandals of the Enron period, going past the malfunctioning of the gatekeepers to emphasize the failure of shareholder worth and the inadequacy of measures meant to avoid such scandals. This provocative and designated quantity should be required interpreting for all students and researchers of business association and technique of the company, finance and company governance. Policymakers, monetary commentators and people all for enterprise also will locate this booklet of significant curiosity and cost.

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439) In Chapter 1, we emphasized the role of institutional investors in the promotion of shareholder value: concerned with making their portfolio of securities as profitable as possible, these investors have taken advantage of their rising power in capital markets to increase demands on corporate executives. The quotation above, written by two of the foremost representatives1 of US law and economics, shows the extent to which shareholder value has become a resonating theme in academic debates on corporate governance.

Nevertheless, the hypothesis of opportunism, at the heart of contemporary microeconomics, requires analysts to acknowledge that managers will do everything in their power to divert (misappropriate) value. Shareholders must therefore ensure that incentive contracts are signed, in order to reduce conflicts of interest to the lowest possible level. c. U(w; eϩ) ՆU U(w; eϩ) ՆU(w; eϪ) incentive constraint To simplify, the stock market price is often used to represent V, as it incorporates, in theory, expected gains in capital and future distributions in dividends.

This assertion, however, is not based on the observation, made above, of a transfer of risk from shareholders to employees, but on the development of a risk that is internal to the workforce. This new risk derives from a trend, noted by many observers, of an increase in the specificity of human capital (see also Blair, 1995). This increase does indeed constitute a risk-taking factor: workers’ payoff depends on the future distribution of the quasi-rent generated by the investment in human capital, which is fundamentally uncertain.

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