By Tian Yu Cao

Quantum box conception is a strong language for the outline of the subatomic components of the actual global and the legislation and rules that govern them. This booklet comprises updated in-depth analyses, by way of a gaggle of eminent physicists and philosophers of technology, of our current knowing of its conceptual foundations, of the explanations why this realizing should be revised in order that the speculation can pass additional, and of attainable instructions within which revisions will be promising and efficient. those analyses may be of curiosity to graduate scholars and examine employees in physics who need to know in regards to the foundational difficulties in their topic. The booklet can be of curiosity to specialist philosophers, historians and sociologists of technology, since it comprises a lot fabric for metaphysical and methodological reflections, for old and cultural analyses, and for sociological analyses of how within which different factors give a contribution to the best way the principles are revised.

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But thisflexibilityis not incompatible with the claim that the standard model is a mature model within the context of QFT, whose success has ruled out all other models except, perhaps, string theory (which, however, is claimed to have gone beyond the framework of QFT), because there are no new fundamental laws that can be discovered within the framework of QFT. Yet this maturity can be taken as an indication that the frontier of fundamental physics lies, not within the confines of QFT, but elsewhere, and the very existence of meta-questions seems to suggest that for the further development of fundamental physics we have to go beyond the confines of QFT.

Since we have already assumed the existence of quantum fluctuations in the microscopic world, which is epistemically entailed but ontologically presumed and numerically controlled by the uncertainty relations, a local coupling means the coupling of infinitely fluctuating fields, which leads to ultraviolet divergences in QFT calculations. The occurrence of ultraviolet divergences was initially conceived to be an indication of the inconsistency of quantum electrodynamics (QED) in the 1930s and early 1940s, but has been properly recognized, first by Schwinger in 1948, as a sign of the limited validity domain of QED and of the existence of a new physics.

After the heroic efforts made by numerous physicists for more than three decades, we now find that no definite meaning can even be assigned to the most basic claim of ontological reductionism, that quarks and gluons are parts of hadrons. If theory reduction is doomed to fail because of the doomed failure of ontological reduction, then there is simply no chance for the extreme version of reductionism, namely atomism, according to which the process of reduction will sooner or later come to an end, and all existing and logically possible theories will be reduced to a final theory, the ontological justification of which is that all physical entities and the laws and principles governing their behaviors should be reducible to the most elementary entities and the corresponding laws and principles governing their behaviors.

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