By Arthur Lim Siew Ming and Ian J Constable (Auth.)

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Patients should wash their hands, and handkerchiefs and hand towels should not be shared. The family should be kept apart during the acute stage. Allergic conjunctivitis Allergic conjunctivitis presents with intense itchiness, in addition to watering red eyes. Sometimes it is associated with vasomotor-rhinitis or a history of allergies such as rashes, reaction to drugs or cosmetics and hay fever. Treatment with a decongestive or antihistamine eyedrop combined with oral antihistamine is usually effective.

2 Ulcerative blepharitis. Fig. 4 Allergic dermatitis resulting from sulphacetamide eyedrops. Inflammation of Eyelid Fig. 5 Stye (abscess of eyelash follicle). Fig. 6 Inflamed chalazion of left upper lid. Fig. 7 Infected chalazion ruptured through conjunctiva and appearing as granulomatous lesion. 29 Malposition of Eyelid Fig. 8 Left congenital ptosis (drooping eyelid). of Fig. 10 Ectropion of left lower lid (eversion of eyelid) with exposure keratitis. 30 Fig. 9 Right ptosis from third nerve paralysis.

The ulcer should be scrapped for examination with gram stain. 37 Treatment is urgent. It includes intensive application of broad-spectrum antibiotics usually Gentamycin and Cephalosporin locally and subconjunctivally. Systemic antibiotics is sometimes also required. Dilatation of the pupil with Atropine eyedrops prevents synechiae (iris adhesions) and subsequent glaucoma. Bacteriological studies are essential in severe cases. Small marginal corneal ulcers These are frequently associated with ulcerative blepharitis and are believed to be allergic to staphylococcus infection.

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