By Deborah Reber

Your day begins at 6am and ends at midnight—if you are lucky.
You stay alongside of all 200 of your mates on Facebook.
You essentially invented the note "multitasking."
Sound familiar?  you are not alone.  you're a part of the main overscheduled, overprogrammed, and beaten new release at the planet.  And relax might be useful deal with it all!  it really is only a topic of getting the appropriate body of mind.  So sit back, take a deep breath...and kick back.

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Either way, the outcome will be the same. And frankly, relaxing sounds a lot better than having a breakdown in the backseat of a cab. So I make the choice to chill out. And it works. , officially missing the cutoff time to check in for my flight. Luckily, the Delta folks hooked me up, escorted me through security (where, because I hadn’t had a chance to put my liquids in a Ziploc, I had to kiss about eighty dollars’ worth of product good-bye, but whatever), and ran with me to make sure I got aboard my flight.

Don’t pressure yourself about getting into “the” school. There is a school out there that will work well for you, even if it’s not the one you were originally hoping for. Handling Application Stress ■ Start researching colleges early so you can be aware of any special application requirements (such as placement tests) you’ll need to take care of before applying. ■ Stay organized by making a special basket or box for holding your college application materials. ■ Make a timeline of important application dates, factoring in all the important steps (getting transcripts and letters of recommendation, writing essays, and so on) and creating mini-deadlines for accomplishing each one.

It’s true. You have what it takes to create whatever you want to create with your life. Trust in yourself and in your ability to make smart choices and figure it out as you go along. 2 WHAT’S EATING YOU? One thing’s for certain—life is complicated. And the things that stress us out are no exception. Here’s fifteen-year-old Simone’s story: I met my first best friend when I was little, but only in the past few years have things gotten out of control. At first it was just stupid little things, like she would find another friend and ditch me until she got bored of her.

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