By Chareeporn Akekawatchai, Marina Kochetkova, Jane Holland (auth.), Amy M. Fulton (eds.)

Chemokine Receptors in melanoma summarizes the growing to be physique of facts that a number of chemokine receptors give a contribution to tumor habit. Chemokine receptors have been first pointed out on leukocytes and mediate directed migration of many host cells to websites of ligand expression. it truly is now good confirmed that the majority malignant cells additionally convey a number of chemokine receptor. This booklet describes our present knowing relating to how chemokine receptors give a contribution to tumor phone migration in addition to cellphone survival and proliferation. The functionality of chemokine receptors expressed on host cells together with antitumor immune effector cells in addition to angiostatic and angiogeneic services of chemokines performing on endothelial cells are defined. The position of chemokine receptors that act as decoy receptors can also be summarized. The healing strength and demanding situations of focusing on chemokine receptors or cognate ligands can also be addressed.

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