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BIBLIOGRAPHY. S. A. Tannenbaum, Thomas Middleton: A Concise Bibliography (New York, 1940); D. Donovan, Thomas Middleton, Elizabethan Bibliographies Supplements, no. 1 (London, 1967). II. COLLECTED EDITIONS. A. , The Works of Thomas Middleton, 5 vols. (London, 1840); A. H. , The Works of Thomas Middleton, 8 vols. (London, 1885-1886); H. , Selected Plays of Thomas Middleton, vol. I (London, 1887), intro. by A. C. Swinburne, includes A Trick to Catch the Old One, The Changeling, A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, Women Beware Women, The Spanish Gypsy, vol.

In June 1599 came an order prohibiting the publication of satires. The immediate cause of this is not known, but Marston's poems were part of a spate of satiric writing in this period, and some of it was bound to give offense. Either because of this, or, as has been suggested, because of a growing disenchantment with the role of satirist, Marston turned to drama and during the next decade produced a series of plays, all of them for the new professional children's companies, the Children of the Chapel Royal, or the Queen's Revels, who played at Blackfriars, and the Children of Paul's, who played in the precincts of St.

The first plays Marston issued as his own were Antonio and Mellida and Antonio's Revenge (1602), which were probably written for production by the Children of Paul's in 1599-1600. With these plays he seems to have succeeded in creating a new mode of drama, replacing "musty fopperies" with lively, sharp plays peculiarly adapted to the talents and limitations of the boy actors and, probably, to the taste of the private theater audiences. He found, ranging from loathing to friendly chivying. In all this Marston was showing his virtuosity, but underlying the display of a range of satiric stances, there lies a quality peculiarly characteristic of Marston himself.

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