By Nicky Holt

Have you ever questioned what High/Scope is, the place it got here from, and the way it may be used with teenagers on your atmosphere? This e-book will resolution all of your questions and extra. It includes:

  • details concerning the High/Scope Wheel of Learning
  • an clarification of energetic studying, together with fabrics, manipulation, selection, language and support
  • Plan-Do-Review activities
  • planning and evaluate methods.

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From exploring the shapes, textures and weight the children begin to line them up, stack them, put them into other boxes and empty them out again. Their play then develops on to building structures where they will consider balance and height; they will also combine blocks with other materials such as cars, animals and people and build garages, roads, enclosures and houses. The block area should provide a range of blocks in all shapes, sizes and colours, wooden and plastic blocks, planks of wood and cardboard boxes that children can use to build structures with.

For example, they may say, ‘you’ve built a tall tower with the blue and yellow bricks’ rather than ‘good tower, Joe’, or ‘I see you have painted some blue and yellow lines down your paper’. When practitioners have used/been using praise with children for a long 3050 DF High-Scope Early Years 29/11/06 3:43 pm Page 49 Resources 49 time it is difficult, strange even, to try to use encouragement. But as with all new skills it takes time and practice and quickly shows benefits to the children’s self-esteem and well-being.

In a High/Scope setting resources also include the adults themselves who work with the children and the way in which they interact together. Practitioners also have the key experiences, which they use to guide them in their observations of the children in the setting and the Child Observation Record (COR) in which they record their observations. Practical resources A High/Scope setting will have a variety of manmade equipment available to the children as well as natural and ‘real’ objects. Let’s look at the areas in turn and what you may find in there.

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