By Yves Agid (auth.), J. C. Baron, D. Comar, L. Farde, J. L. Martinot, B. Mazoyer (eds.)

'....the e-book is Most worthy if you are commencing to learn the mind dopaminergic method and are contemplating puppy as a tool.'Nuclear Medicine 19:9 1992

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43, 1. V. and Kuhar MJ. (1983) Imaging dopamine receptors in the human brain by positron emission tomography. Science 221, 1264. MONOAMINE PRECURSORS IN PET RESEARCH- BIOCHEMICAL ISSUES AND FUNCTIONAL SIGNIFICANCE J Tedroff , P Hartvig , H Agren , P Bjurling , B Langstrom Abstract Aromatic amino acid monoamine precursors can be applied in PET studies to study cerebral uptake of the amino acid neurotransmitter precursors and the subsequent intracerebral synthesis of monoamines. The modification of the intracerebral kinetics induced by the action of aromatic Lamino acid decarboxylase (AADC) , a nonspecific enzyme which catalyses the decarboxylation of a large number of aromatic L-amino acids, permits the possibility to interpret kinetic information in terms of a biochemical process in vivo.

8F]NCQ 115 was concluded to be a possible PET ligand for D-2 dopamine receptors in man. 5-[18F1Fluoroalkylbenzamides The remarkably high affinity for the dopamine 0-2 site by the 5-substituted 2,3dimethoxybenzamides is shown in Table 4. There is only a minor influence of the 5-substituent. , 1990) (Table 5). 8F. , 1990). , 1990). These results indicates the potential of these compounds as ligands for dopamine 0-2 studies using PET. TABLE 5. zF 4 OlzCHzF CHzG! zOTs H 7 CHzG! zCHzF OMEM Ligands For Dopamine D-l Receptors INTRODUCTION The examination of central dopamine 0-1 receptor characteristics and function has been hampered because of the previous lack of selective dopamine 0-1 receptor compounds.

Med. Bioi. 17,347. , Ogren S-O. and Gawell L. (1985) Specific in vitro and in vivo binding of [3H)raclopride. A potent substituted benzamide drug with high affinity for dopamine D-2 receptors in the rat brain. Biochem. Pharmac. 34 , 225l. M. 1 . (1989) Radiosynthesis of N-(w[18F)fluoroalkyl) derivatives of the dopaminergic receptor-binding ligand raclopride. f. Lab. Compo Radiopharm. 26, 340. , Parkinson D. 1. (1990) N-Fluoroalky1ated and N-alkylated analogues of the dopaminergic D-2 receptor antagonist raclopride.

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