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Poseidon remains to be a lawless frontier, the place justice comes from the barrel of a gun, and crime will pay very well. The 3rd sourcebook for the Blue Planet RPG explores the area of crime and legislations enforcement in Blue Planet.

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These are all blockages. They are all held and stored energy in the body. These are all messages from the body that are clearly telling you where to drop energy downwards – where to release. You cannot get much clearer a message than pain, tension, thoughts and emotions. Immediately when you stand in the body method you force your body and mind to confront these blockages. This is like taking the hose and putting water through it, it is forced to confront the blockages. If you just lie down and try to relax it is like lying the hose down without any water running through it.

People don’t need to store more energy, they are already storing massive amounts of energy and this is the problem. Bodies and minds need to be open and clear. Energy needs to flow through freely, not get stuck, held and tense. By opening up the body such that is becomes a transmitter for force not a vessel for storing force the body and mind won’t become blocked with stagnating energy. Energy needs to circulate and move and by keeping the body and mind open this way energy can remain fresh and vital.

This is what happens when people get hung up on storing energy in their bodies, they are quite literally and deliberately creating blockages in their body. Achieving clarity and clear transmission power happens as you learn to relax and release tension and blockages more and more. Your level of relaxation will become subtler and subtler. You will begin to notice that for every emotion that's experienced in the mind there is also a corresponding sensation in the body. The body sensation arises because of the mind and its thoughts and emotions.

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