By M. Alice LeGrow

In the dead of night, hidden corners of the Mausoleum, Dinah starts to appreciate the real nature of Vincent's sacrifice for her. yet she needs to confront her innermost feelings if she plans on atmosphere loose the spirits which have been locked away. As time fast disappears within the sleepy city of Bizenghast, the riddles turn into extra complicated and complicated - and their solutions should be within the selection Dinah is pressured to make among the misplaced souls and her closest friend...

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I don’t know what’s happened to me... I just wanted to be loved... indd 54 7/2/10 1:55:25 PM jeez, that was close. Another minute, and that monster would’ve had you. She wasn’t a monster! not a monster. And she just wanted to be loved. indd 61 7/2/10 1:55:27 PM sigh... indd 62 7/2/10 1:55:27 PM How is your homework coming along, dear? well, it’s not really... it’s fine, Mrs. Tucker. Hey, what do you know about the town history? Like who founded it? Oh dear... Ms. Simmons knows more than I do about that, but she isn’t here today.

God, look at you. Brenda NoFrienda. I almost feel sorry for a whale like you. You’re so pathetic. That creepy chick said you were gonna tell me off today. You got something to say, fatty? indd 49 7/2/10 1:55:25 PM SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! I... I didn’t... Hac hrrn ccchk... ngg.. Rnnngh.... indd 50 7/2/10 1:55:25 PM splch I lived as a coward, and I took the coward’s way out. Oh god... Dinah... indd 51 7/2/10 1:55:25 PM Dinah, I’m so sorry. but now... I mean, you were always my friend, and look at what I...

You always were shoved to the edge of the crowd, blending into the background. You said some days it felt like you didn’t exist... Is this how you’re going to make up for it? By taking the best of all the other girls and making yourself a new body? You think you can just rebuild yourself into something better? indd 44 7/2/10 1:55:24 PM SLAP I don’t have to make myself better. I am better. I’m the most important creature in this world. Nobody speaks-nobody breathes unless I say so. And now I say it’s time for you to give up the pretty eyes I’ve been waiting for so that I can finally be complete.

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