By M. Alice LeGrow

Armed with the 1st of the 4 tower guards, Dinah and Vincent got down to clear up the remainder of the Mausoleum's riddles, which turn out more challenging because the trip progresses. The misleading puzzles of Bizenghast's Graveyard lead the youngsters to an old beach to prevent a drowned girl's murderous rampage. Later, they go back and forth via Bizenghast's early prior to rid the woods of a festering plague-carrier. and eventually, they arrive nose to nose with the mysterious moment tower defend, Edrear.

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Well, where do we start looking? There’s nowhere to hide in this house. It’s just this one room and I don’t think she’s under the bed. indd 49 7/2/10 1:33:49 PM Maybe she’s on top of the canopy? That’s way too predictable. gasp! indd 50 7/2/10 1:33:49 PM there’s nothing in here. It’s totally empty. Don’t be so sure of that. Whoa... How does it do that? This wall is at the back of the house. indd 51 7/2/10 1:33:49 PM Oh right, THIS is the thing that baffles you. Not the new clothes, not the flying peacock trick.

And now for the head... A signet ring? That’s too easy. indd 59 7/2/10 1:33:51 PM Rrr, there are too many. Come on... indd 60 7/2/10 1:33:51 PM NO!! Gotcha, selfish brat. indd 63 7/2/10 1:33:51 PM Give me my necklace! Take it. indd 64 THNK 7/2/10 1:33:52 PM Well. That’s a new trick.

IP PL ... we have her necklace here... indd 34 7/2/10 1:33:47 PM Please! We only have an hour left! What can we do? I’m soaking wet and cold. I want to go home. I don’t think they’re going to listen. Follow me, my little gothberry. indd 35 7/2/10 1:33:47 PM Where are we going? Here we are. Better move it along, we haven’t got much time. indd 37 7/2/10 1:33:47 PM Repeat after me, stickybun. Deus ex plumatum. Deus ex plumatum. I’m getting tired of all these magical changes. I’m getting tired of your haircut.

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