By Euiz-Hitzky E., Ariga K., Lvov Yu. (eds.)

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Alkaloids: Chemical and Biological Perspectives, Vol. 15

Acronycine, a powerful antitumor agent, was once found within the bark of the small Australian Rutaceous tree, Acronychia baueri Schott. This new paintings offers a entire survey of the isolation, constitution decision, tools of synthesis, and the organic houses of acronycine, in addition to an account of normal and artificial analogues of acronycine, and their organic houses.

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Imidazole and Its Derivatives, Part I, Volume 6

Content material: bankruptcy I common homes and constitution of the Imidazoles (pages 3–31): bankruptcy II The Alkyl? and Arylimidazoles (pages 33–54): bankruptcy III The Oxo? and Hydroxyimidazoles and their Sulfur Analogues (pages 55–110): bankruptcy IV The Halogenoimidazoles (pages 111–125): bankruptcy V The Nitro? , Arylazo?

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These materials show significant electronic conductivity and, interestingly, they can be further functionalized by reaction with organosilanes. Grafting of aminopropyltrimethoxysilane and subsequent protonation of the amino groups, results in a material that can act simultaneously as an electronic collector and a sensing phase when used as an electrochemical sensor for anion detection. It is able to discriminate anions by their size and charge due to its textural behavior [153]. The structure and morphology of palygorskite are strongly related to those of sepiolite, although it shows higher Al content and narrower tunnels [120].

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