By Justin Green

A misplaced vintage of underground cartooning, Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin
Mary is Justin Green’s autobiographical portrayal of his fight with
religion and his personal neuroses. Binky Brown is a tender Catholic fighting all
the traditional difficulties of adolescence—puberty, mom and dad, and the phobia that the
strange ray of strength emanating from his inner most elements will strike a picture
of the Virgin Mary. Deeply confessional, with paintings that veers wildly
between formalist and hallucinogenic, Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary
is the arguable masterpiece that invented the autobiographical graphic

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Especially getting up in the early hours of the morning and going to the cold river for a bath. Before going on my way to school it was very important for me to look at my fish trap. In school I was a quiet person. I’d rather be by myself. Even during school recess I’d eat alone. Some boys called me a dreamer. When the boys gathered to talk about fishing I’d only listen from the back. I never participated. However, I was good at drawing. And I knew I was good because our teacher always picked my work to show the class as a good example.

I was certain their friendship would turn out to be very important for my whole life. I had so much to learn. I couldn’t swim and I didn’t know how to handle a fish and I thought it was up to these fellows to teach me. I was extremely proud to be with them. We walked back by a different route. As we were passing a swampy area, Meor Din pointed at some strangelooking plants I had never seen before. ” he asked. ” “Those are monkey pot,” he said. (They were pitcher-plants, which had leaves in the shape of little jugs with lids.

This method of finding tin using the pan was of course not right in the eyes of the law if you went panning at the back of a tin dredge! But the dredge people didn’t seem to mind. Furthermore, what the folks worked on was the waste-the mud and sandwhich was shot out through the back of the dredge. But the mud contained some remnants of the mineral. The Meor brothers invited me to come with them. 25 and some folks could get two katis per day… It didn’t take long before I decided to join them. Meor Din showed me how… With water added, the pan was gracefully rotated… First, collect the muddy sand into the pan.

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