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Alkaloids: Chemical and Biological Perspectives, Vol. 15

Acronycine, a effective antitumor agent, used to be found within the bark of the small Australian Rutaceous tree, Acronychia baueri Schott. This new paintings provides a complete survey of the isolation, constitution selection, tools of synthesis, and the organic houses of acronycine, in addition to an account of typical and artificial analogues of acronycine, and their organic homes.

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Imidazole and Its Derivatives, Part I, Volume 6

Content material: bankruptcy I basic houses and constitution of the Imidazoles (pages 3–31): bankruptcy II The Alkyl? and Arylimidazoles (pages 33–54): bankruptcy III The Oxo? and Hydroxyimidazoles and their Sulfur Analogues (pages 55–110): bankruptcy IV The Halogenoimidazoles (pages 111–125): bankruptcy V The Nitro? , Arylazo?

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D. Pitchfork order of those of { Ba(OH)z, showing that biguanide is an exceptionally strong organic base. 24 • 10-1~ Table 8. 001 0,959 ( A ~ = 234) 7. 1%; neutral molecule, none. C. S u r f a c e T e n s i o n Values of the surface tension of solutions of Paludrine as a function of concentration have been recorded (202). D. C h r o m a t o g r a p h y of Biguartides Biguanide is absorbed by cation exchange resins and is eluted therefrom with hydrochloric acid. 1,1-Dimethy]biguanide, absorbed on Amberlite CG-120 resin, may be eluted (508) with solutions of sodium and potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

G. ) are particularly reactive in this general synthesis of guanamines (699). : Jl NH II NH r o o m temp. : 100% ; 8hr temp. H,. SOsNa In reactions involving 1-substituted biguanides, the activating influence of negative groups is less effective, so that addition of a metal alkoxide may be necessary to ensure satisfactory yields of 2-substituted guanamines (609, 699). Disubstituted biguanides require vigorous conditions (609). g. halogen-esters (704), keto-esters (696), sulpho-esters (698)). a) Halogeno-Esters Haloesters have been particularly widely used (dSff, 599, 600, 602, 605, 606, 609) in this synthesis.

Continued reaction at room temperature slowly Melds 2-metoxycarbonylphenylguanamine (CXV) and is complete after six days. These experimental results were confirmed independently by Italian investigators (536). The structure of the labile intermediate compound "Y'" is uncertain. On the basis of its physical properties and chemical behaviour (which cannot be detailed here), possible formulations that were originally (485) considered included a six-membered bridged carbonyl-structure, as well as seven- or five-membered rings.

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