By Tamra Orr

- Promotes women' self-esteem
- universal tween & teenager scenarios
- speak about It dialogue questions
- suggestion from Dr. Vicki
- Get fit advice

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You can start a petition, speak out at a parent/teacher meeting, talk to the school board, or write a letter to the editor. Sharing your ideas and thoughts on issues that matter to you makes you stronger and more confident. Remember, it’s also a good idea to respect the fact that other people have their own opinions. Just because your friends disagree with you on some subjects does not mean you can’t be friends any longer. Keep in mind, too, that having your own opinions is fine, but forcing them on others isn’t.

Owning Up to Mistakes 41 Have you ever had to own up to actions you wish you hadn’t taken? It isn’t easy. Maybe you’d rather blame fate, your brother, or even the dog. But the more mature thing—the responsible thing—is to admit you made a mistake and then do whatever you can to repair it. That is a lesson Teresa was not ready to learn yet, and the consequences were worse than she had imagined. Teresa’s Story Teresa had just moved to the area and was still trying to get used to her new school. She had met a few kids, and they had been fairly friendly, but they were also into things that Teresa wasn’t.

As she started coughing, someone suddenly yelled, “Cops! ” Talk About It • Have you ever stolen money from someone? How did you feel about it? • Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were scared and didn’t know how to get out of it? What did you do? • Have you ever done something illegal and worried about being caught? What happened? 43 44 Beautiful Me Teresa froze, forgetting that the joint was still in her hand. All the other kids had disappeared into the nearby woods, and she was standing alone in the rotating blue and white Teresa froze, forgetting lights of a police car.

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