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A neighboring Gaulish leader asks the folks of Asterix’s village to assist defend a cauldron choked with funds from the Romans. however the sneaky leader plans to double-cross each person. So he steals again the money simply whilst Asterix is status sentinel. Can Asterix and Obelix get well the riches?

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Shells whistled down at measurable intervals. They fell onto the road area, keeping the black clads pinned down. Doc moved close to Sam. "Mortar of some kind. " He pointed. "But it isn't a real attack. " He nodded to himself. "I remember being asked a lot of very harsh questions when I was picked up and when I was in the holding camp with you. Questions about a group that hits and runs, then hits again. " "They call them 'wreckers,'" Sam said. "I've been around a few times when they've hit before.

Sam listened and wondered how long he'd last in captivity if they found out that he'd once been a Red Roadman. Maybe it would mean nothings but more likely they'd tear him into pieces. It didn't bother him much thinking about it. "The Leader will tell you all that you need to know," Gabriel said easily. "For now I will tell you that we have been making our attacks on the road since they attempted to rebuild the one in the city we have chosen. " Doc nodded. " "So far that hasn't happened. We fight back.

He shook his head at himself. The years had been long. He'd been born of farm people. There'd been a lot of brothers and sisters and he'd been apprenticed to the roads before the road schools began, when he was twelve. Ten years later he'd been raised to the red hats and he'd been on the road since that time. It had been a good life. He was a born Red Roadman. Next year he'd be sixty. Mandatory desk age. He smiled at himself in the mirror. He had a few promises from up the line, from men he'd been useful to.

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