By Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo

When the Romans say no, Asterix says sure. So whilst the warriors build a barricade round Asterix’s village to pen every person in, he and Obelix embark on a visit round the complete kingdom, gathering neighborhood specialties alongside the way in which. It’s a scrumptious banquet for them, and readers, too.

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This is the text to read aloud to the players when they enter the pane-portal: The jarring of the steeds you ride certainly causes a rapid recovery of your senses from the tribulation of being transported from one dimensional matrix to another. This one is a woodland that might be on your own world. You are mounted on horses, trotting at a brisk pace along a road that passes through a lightly forested part of this place. As you come to full awareness, you note the road has turned to the left and you are now ascending a small hill.

At this moment, you hear near-simultaneous cracking and cracking sounds. A glance behind shows that a pair of trees on either side of the road has fallen to block it—one from the right, the other the left—these some 40 feet to your rear. As that noise subsides a rather high-pitched voice shouts from the tangle blocking the road ahead, and the words answer at least some of your questions: “Knaves that dare enter our forest must pay toll! Throw down your weapons and those saddlebags on your horses, and you may pass.

A quick look around, and outside the woven wall of this circular structure of beehive shape tells you much. None of what you learn is exactly heartening. The structure you are in is just big enough to hold all of you. It is suspended from a big tree limb some 20 feet above by a thick cable of woven lianas. Below is the ground, what you can see of it from some 100 feet above that verdant surface. You are in a forest, a warm one from the temperature and flora. The nearest bole, that of the tree from which your hut or cage or whatever it is depends from a limb of, must be nearly 10 feet in diameter, 200 feet high where its uppermost tip reaches.

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