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To provoke Julius Caesar, Queen Cleopatra gives you to construct the Roman Emperor an impressive palace in exactly 3 months. after all, Asterix has to become involved. by the point his feisty crew from Gaul have comprehensive, they’ve outwitted the Roman military, too.

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Together with his bounty-hunter buddies and a crew of Imperial Knights, Cade Skywalker plans to assassinate the Sith Emperor Darth Krayt. step one of their scheme calls for a dicy assault on a distant Imperial outpost in hopes of drawing Krayt away from Coruscant. yet no matter if that works, contributors of the workforce are divided of their emotions approximately their "secret weapon", Celeste Morne, an old Jedi Knight of the previous Republic who's in ownership of, and probably possessed by means of, the strong Muur Talisman.

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