By Michael Stiefel

This publication offers skilled builders perception had to construct company functions for Microsoft's .NET platform utilizing C#. wide code examples and a working case learn illustrate .NET techniques and applied sciences. After an overview of the programming version of the .NET framework, assurance comprises the C# programming language, primary issues within the .NET framework corresponding to home windows types periods and ADO.NET, net programming utilizing ASP.NET and cleaning soap, and extra subject matters within the .NET Framework together with safety and interoperability. Stiefel is a expert focusing on Microsoft know-how; Oberg is founding father of an organization that develops courseware on software program applied sciences.

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Many useful classes, such as Console, are in the System namespace. The fully qualified name of a class is specified by the namespace followed by a dot followed by a class name. Console A using statement allows a class to be referred to by its class name alone. WriteLine("Hello, World"); return 0; } } for RuBoard for RuBoard Performing Calculations in C# Our "Hello, World" program illustrated the basic structure of a C# program, but we will need a slightly more elaborate example to show the use of other basic programming constructs, such as variables, expressions, and control structures.

The initial version of the Hotel class with a simple test program is in the folder TestHotel\Step1. Public and Private Fields and methods of a C# class can be specified as public or private. Normally, you declare fields as private. A private field can be accessed only from within the class, not from outside. 47 48 public class Hotel { private string city; private string name; private int number = 50; // legal in C# private decimal rate; ... Note that in C# you can initialize fields when they are declared.

There are no global variables in C#. Literals A literal is used when you explicitly write a value for a variable in a program. An integer literal is represented by either an ordinary decimal integer or a hexadecimal integer. A floating-point or decimal literal is represented by a number with a decimal point or by exponential notation. You may influence the type [1] that is used for storing a literal by a suffix. The suffix f or F indicates single precision floating point. The suffix d or D indicates double precision floating point.

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