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Evarp. kramiikramiibhyiimarthakriyakiiritvaIp. iirthiikriyakiiritvamanyatra na gatamityarthal;1. amasrayiisiddhido�a­ parihiirato nirastam. 5) dvitiyarp. eiisatigatam. vikaipaji'iiinena vyatirekasya pratitatviit. 1. na hyabhiivasya vikalpiidanyapratipattirapratipattirva sar­ vathii. ubhayathapi tadvyavaharahaniprasatigat. evarp. 1. amasatigatam. ikatvena vyiipteravyiihatatviit. (85. p. ikasyiisattvam. sattvasya tata vyatirekaIp. p. ca sadhayatyekavyiipiiratmakatvaditi sthitam. 37 3. • • • tvamaviiryamiti S.

PrasaIigo bhinnanyayatvat. l ca. tayordharmyapi vastveva 79 yujyate. 9) vastunastu pratyak�anumanabhyameva siddhii).. tayorabhiive ni­ yamenasrayasiddhiriti yuktam. asattasadhane tvavastudharmo heturavas­ tu 8°-vikalpamatrasiddhe dharmiJ;li nasrayasiddhido�eJ;la dii$ayituql sakyaiJ. tatha ' k$aJ;likasya kramayaugapadyabhyamarthakriyiivirodhai). sidhyatyeva. (87. 1 3) tatha vikalpadevak�aJ;liko virodhi siddhai).. vikalpollikhitascasya svabhavo napara ityapi vyavahartavyam. anyathii tadanuvadena kramakra­ miidirahitatvadini�edhadikamuktam.

23) [At this point Ratnakirti begins an explication and defense his own theory. 1 l1 Surely of] in the case of a real entity ll2 an attribute may be ascribed to a subject 11 3 ; for instance, 97 cowness [as ascribed] to a cow, white- 'pratiyogin' =df 'object of negation', 'counterpositive of an absence', negatum. 'ajanakasyiiprameyatviit ' ; (literally) 'because of the not being an object of knowledge of that which is unproductive'. lvrti' = d f 'illusion', 'phenomenal veil', 'surface reality'.

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