By Evelyn B Kelly

Alzheimer's affliction is the commonest kind of dementia in older adults, robbing them in their minds and dignity. featuring a historical past of the situation, this identify appears on the human genome and explores how the items of the Alzheimer's puzzle are commencing to healthy jointly.

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Progeria is a condition in which the person ages prematurely. It is characterized by dwarfism, These children suffer from baldness, pinched nose, delayed the very rare genetic disease tooth formation, wrinkled skin, progeria, which causes and early death. Only about premature aging. Affected individuals rarely live past one child in 8 million has the childhood. condition. On April 17, 2003, scientists announced they had found the gene responsible for progeria. The disorder is caused by a mutation in the gene Lamin A, found on chromosome 1.

For about 30 years after the structure of DNA was determined, the DNA of people, ants, and pine trees remained as unexplored as the deep recesses of space. All of this changed in the 1980s. With advances in technology that made it possible to determine the sequence of the bases in the DNA, DNA became the molecule to study, and the exploding growth of knowledge revealed some startling results. For example, scientists found that each chromosome has a long string of genes that codes for proteins, as well as a long stretch of DNA that does not appear to have any function.

These amino acids can be assembled in a vast number of ways. The arrangement, or sequence, of amino acids determines the primary structure of the protein. The chain of amino acids may twist, coil, and fold back on itself, making it a very complex molecule. Understanding how proteins are synthesized and how they work is essential in understanding the complex molecules that are involved in AD research. In a cell, multitudes of proteins perform many functions. The biggest single class of proteins is enzymes, chemicals that speed up all the chemical reactions in a living organism.

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