By Edward Edelson

Bronchial asthma to grass, pollen, drugs, and customary family items arc common yet may be simply handled.

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But it can develop at almost any age, although it rarely begins after 50. But it should be noted that sufferers of hay fever and other forms of allergic rhinitis often get better with age. Sometimes allergy symptoms diminish markedly in middle age, and for no apparent reason. Symptoms usually reach a peak in the early 30s for men, in the late 30s for women. So allergy sufferers can hope for one small benefit of getting older. 46 5 FOOD ALLERGIES Wheat, a common allergen. F ood allergies are a source of immense confusion and controversy.

Often, however, steroids are given orally, especially when asthma cannot be handled by any other means. In severe cases of asthma, the patient may be given high doses of steroids for two or three weeks. If continuing steroid therapy is needed, side effects can be reduced by giving the drug every other day, in small doses. Steroids sometimes are used together with aerosol bronchodilators to give more relief with fewer side effects. It is important to note that fear of steroids can be taken too far.

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets look somewhat alike. Wasps have black or brown tapered bodies with white or yellow stripes. Hornets have black bodies with white markings. Yellow jackets can be distinguished by the bands of yellow and black around their bodies. Each of these insects nests in different locations. Yellow jackets build large nests in the ground, often under stones, or on the ground—sometimes against the walls of buildings. Hornets build their gray or brown nests above the ground, on tree branches, houses, or walls.

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