By Henriette De Bruyn Kops

This monetary and social historical past assesses the impression of the coastal wine and brandy alternate at the early sleek French, Dutch, and Atlantic economies, and highlights the significance of interconnecting own networks of Dutch, Sephardic Jewish, and New Christian retailers.

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B) foreigners not allowed to own or rent warehouses or other storage space, and have to put them up for sale immediately or give them in hands of local resident for sale. c) foreigners obliged to use local manager for all business, purchases, sales. d) foreigners forbidden to trade on commission for fellow countrymen, or other nationals. e) in case foreigner has received royal Lettres de Naturalité, it is upon condition that he not trade on commission for any other foreigners. 60 Several sources, both primary and secondary, mention or even provide a transcription of one or more of these royal decrees.

The numbers for the three years 1634–1637 indicate that the Dutch community in Nantes dropped from 17 to 6 to 7 to 5, which seems to point to a signiÀcant decline in commercial interest in the city. 46 43 Jonathan I. Israel, ConÁicts of Empires: Spain, the Low Countries and the Struggle for World Supremacy, 1585–1713 (London; Rio Grande, Ohio: Hambledon Press, 1997), 34–35. 44 Tanguy, 337 & 342, ftnt 431. 45 Last mentioned in 1633 or 1634 were Charles de Lange, Jan de Langhe, Tilman Goris, Jan van Ravestein and Jan van Rossum.

56 54 ADLA C 652, Moyens d’Intervention, 6–7. 85 Dutch guilders. 55 ADLA C 652, Moyens d’Intervention, 24 April 1645, p. 3. 56 The actual number of Dutchmen active in Nantes in 1645 is surely higher because I have chieÁy relied on Rotterdam sources to cross-check the names. Due to the fact that the notarial acts frequently mention non-Rotterdam trading partners, suppliers, or purchasers we are nonetheless able to get a reasonably solid grasp of the Dutch community in Nantes. 37 the dutch community in nantes The bankruptcies —Àction or fact?

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