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Jacques Tardi

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec: Pterror Over Paris / The Eiffel Tower Demon (Adèle Blanc-Sec #1-2)

Title: The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec: Pterror Over Paris / The Eiffel Tower Demon (Adèle Blanc-Sec #1-2)

Author: Jacques Tardi

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 96

Publisher: , 0

ISBN: 1606993828

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 5.5 MB

Download: allowed


Esta série decorre nos inícios do séc. XX. Uma época de grandes feitos tecnológicos e avanços científicos, onde tudo é possível. Uma época na qual ciência e misticismo andam de mãos dadas, em busca de um futuro melhor para a humanidade...

É neste contexto que têm lugar as extraordinárias aventuras de Adèle Blanc-sec; no primeiro volume, assistimos à eclosão de um ovo de pterodáctilo que levará à revelação de seitas diabólicas que ameaçam Paris...

Contém as histórias:
- Adèle e o Monstro
- O Demónio da Torre Eiffel

Insightful reviews

Khairul H.: Bought this on impulse from Amazon and I'm now hungry for more of Tardi's work. A bit confusing at first, I had to turn back to the earlier pages and re-read them again, but it was all done deliberately. There are twists and betrayals galore that even Adele herself was confused but it all ties up in the end. Her motivation is still unclear at story's end. Is she a researcher as she claims or is she just a thief?

Tardi's art contrasts greatly between the people, who look like caricatures, and the landscape, which is detailed and captures the beauty (and the creepiness) .

Great read. Apparently there's a movie out which is probably why this book is released in English now.

Erik Erickson: Tardi's fantastic art and superb wit keep this as fun a read as it likely was in 1976. This is my first Tardi and will likely not be my last. I have an idea that this series served as a source of much inspiration for Mike Mignola's Hellboy. Both share detective work into the occult and mad science, with a flare for comedy. The comedy in this series, however, seems to come more from an intelligent self-awareness rather than a mostly physical humor. I look forward to the next two stories adapted later this year, especially if he keeps up the continuity between capers.

Joakim: Yes, I watched the movie before being interested in the comic series. And yes, the comic (first one) is very different from the movie..or I should say- the movie is nothing like the original comic. The first story about the pterodactyl is hard to follow with too many things going on, but the visuals were superb. In the second story- the story itself is ridiculous. I might read 3rd and 4th book but not feeling that enthusiastic about the series. I might read it in its original form- in French just to keep things interesting.

Ian: here is one other photo novel which tells its tale in a manner that is both fairly clumsy or cleverly subversive. A pterodactyl is terrorising Paris, yet that does not rather have something to do with Adèle Blanc-Sec as she makes use of it for defense to development her personal investigation. however the are linked, are in a fashion. As is printed in a last scene, during which one villain after the opposite explains what they have been after, basically to be trumped by way of the subsequent in line. the second one tale within the volume, 'The Eiffel Tower Demon' follows directly on and is comparatively straightforward. a sequence of murders seem to be associated with a statuette of an historic Sumerian demon, and Adèle Blanc-Sec is dragged in because of her involvement within the past story. a movie has it seems that been made up of this sequence through Jean-Pierre Jenuet, and starring Audrey Tatou. it would be worthy seeing.

Christiane: exciting event sequence set in a fantastical pre-World battle I Paris. within the first story, adventuress Adele turns into inquisitive about a sophisticated plot regarding kidnapping, traitorous colleagues, murder, and a revived pterodactyl! the second one tale maintains the motion with extra mayhem, together with a demon and a climactic finale atop the Eiffel Tower. initially written in French and lengthy renowned in Europe, this English variation comes from Seattle’s personal Fantagraphics Books. there's additionally a movie in keeping with the Adele Blanc-Sec sequence by means of director Luc Besson. this can be lots enjoyable to learn and excellent for summer; you’ll believe like a child again!

Julie: this can be a strange little book. I observed motion picture has been made approximately Adele Blanc-Sec, so while i realized the image novel on the library, i used to be excited to offer it a shot.The tale is a section complicated - I felt like I wasn't studying the 1st volume, as there's a lot of backstory that comes into play with no getting defined very well. i am nonetheless uncertain I realize it all.Also, the art is a bit off-putting. Adele herself has a truly mean, grumpy face, and that i imagine it made her much less of a sympathetic character. To be honest, i am not certain if we are speculated to be rooting for her or not. i've got no challenge rooting for the legal as soon as in a while, but when that is the idea, they should have a few allure (like Arsene Lupin, for instance).I may choose up quantity 2 if i will locate it, and that i nonetheless certainly are looking to watch the movie.

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