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C.S. Forester

Captain Horatio Hornblower: Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line & Flying Colours. (Hornblower Saga: Chronological Order #6-8 omnibus)

Title: Captain Horatio Hornblower: Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line & Flying Colours. (Hornblower Saga: Chronological Order #6-8 omnibus)

Author: C.S. Forester

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 0

Publisher: Little Brown and Company, 0

ISBN: 0316288934

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 5 MB

Download: allowed


Combines the first three books in the series: Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line, and Flying Colours.

Insightful reviews

J Guay: outstanding historical fiction; just the thing to wind down with. All of them....

Julian: A nautical epic in the time of the Napoleon conquests, first person perspective, very interesting pyschological and historical detail. It reads like good action, a surprising page turner.

Stuart Smith: an all time favorite. I like Patrick O'Brien too, but find myself rereading Hornblower much more often.

Anita Byrne: it is simply remarkable to me that individuals trigger around the ocean for all time with not anything however the stars to lead them.

Kaufmak: i will admit, i attempted the 1st Aubrey and Maturin e-book and will no longer get into it to save lots of my life; an excessive amount of jargon, an excessive amount of anachronistic language and too technical. It used to be disappointing simply because i have continually been desirous about the period of time and by way of the naval mythology of the British. i used to be procuring Mutiny at the Bounty and the bookshop proprietor pointed out the Hornblower sequence as whatever i'd are looking to try. a couple of month later I dropped through the library and determined to offer it a go. i am joyful I did.One very important note: i am extra of an "in order of publication" man than a "fictional timeline guy." i am extra drawn to seeing how the author develops through the years than studying the stories within the order during which they'd have occurred during this fictional world. Therefore, big name Wars: a brand new desire is the 1st motion picture to observe and Revenge of the Sith is last. So, i began the Hornblower sequence with a suite of the 1st 3 novels, Captain Horatio Hornblower. you could see why Gene Roddenberry credit Hornblower with being an notion for celebrity Trek and its captains. i believe it really is in particular obvious relating to Jean Luc Picard. Like Picard, and extremely a lot in contrast to Kirk, Hornblower isn't really provided because the general alpha-male. He has doubts approximately himself, he's fearful approximately his destiny and occupation and attempts very demanding to venture a feeling of command and aloofness to his crew. he's characterised in a manner that won't obvious as generally appealing and from time to time succumbs to sea sickness. In short, he's not the fitting hero. This is, i feel the easiest factor concerning the novel, Hornblower is sort of flawed, even a dick sometimes, and but i discovered myself rooting for him all through his adventures.And Forester is familiar with find out how to construct the stress of an adventure. conflict scenes whatever the venue are consistently difficult to tug off and the ocean battles in Hornblower are fantastic. they're the easiest a part of the books, moment merely to the characterization of the captain.So why the ding of a star? from time to time it was once downright cleaning soap operatic, specifically the romance tale lines. whereas a few of this can be because of the time it was once written for sure, even within the Nineteen Thirties there have been higher examples of romantic relationships. Forester is not as undesirable as Tom Clancy and his unbelievably stilted male-fantasy writing, yet from time to time it nonetheless bordered at the comical. there's additionally slightly dated language, extra endemic of the time written than of the interval written about. It sounds like an writer attempting to sound real and as a substitute type of comes of racist. No, i am not awaiting a laptop telling from a Thirties period writer, however the use of sure slurs and stereotypes do not upload a lot to the general tale and suppose extra compelled greater than anything.If you're keen on naval thrillers and prefer me simply could not get into the O'Brian books, give some thought to Hornblower the Aubrey gentle series. it's a lot of fun.

Nicholas Adcock: Wow, nice book! i'm an enormous fan of the Aubrey/Maturin sequence and this was once a ravishing booklet of that genre!

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