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Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess (Large Print Edition): being the whole story of Sara Crewe now told for t (Ladybird Children's Classics)

Title: A Little Princess (Large Print Edition): being the whole story of Sara Crewe now told for t (Ladybird Children's Classics)

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Format: Paperback


Pages: 210

Publisher: , 0

ISBN: 1434670295

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 8.7 MB

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This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.

Insightful reviews

Aya Hesham : !كيف أثرت هذه القصة، بتفاصيلها، على طفولتي هو ما أعجز عن وصفه بالكلمات

Ellen: Though I wallowed in Burnett’s A Little Princess as a girl, in re-reading it as an adult and considering the movie adaptations, it is hard not to view it through a postcolonial lens.

The 1995 movie adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess begins with the voice-over of Sara Crewe, the main character, stating, “A very long time ago there lived a beautiful princess in a mystical land known as India . . ..” Against the otherwise blank screen, a small circular image of the imaginary princess appears, then dilates to reveal the fantastic space of Sara’s story, admitting the audience into its secret spectacle.

The “mystical land known as India”--this exotic spectacle--functions as a key element in both of the original Burnett works, the 1995 movie, and two earlier movies (the 1986 Wonderworks film and the 1939 Hollywood film). Indeed, though the 1995 film’s first scene does not derive directly from any part of Burnett’s story, it reinscribes a number of ideas that do appear in Burnett’s novels and the other two films. Access to the vision of India is, in all of them, a connection to the power of empire. Sara is a “little princess” because she imagines India.

In the 1995 film, Sara tells a story about Princess Sita and her husband, Prince Rama. Rama attempts to protect Sita by drawing a magic circle around her, explaining, “So long as you stay inside it, no harm can come to you.” But when Sita hears what seems to be Rama’s voice calling for help, she leaves her circle and is soon threatened by a ten-headed demon. Although Sara appears to be controlling events in this “mystical land” by narrating them, and while the plot of her story suggests her own ability to transgress boundaries, Sara’s symbolic authority remains circumscribed and entirely derived from her father. It is Ralph Crewe’s position as a wealthy Englishman and an officer of the Raj that enables the representation of India as a commodity and spectacle--as Crewe calls it, “the only place that stirs the imagination.” He passes on to Sara his view of imagination as a resource, a “magic [which:] has to be believed, that’s the only way it’s real.” Or, as Sara refers to it in Burnett’s book, “the Magic that will never let the worst things quite happen.”

Sara, a dutiful daughter in all three film adaptations and Burnett’s two versions of the story, faithfully produces “magic” whenever she becomes particularly needy, and--like her father--uses the spectacle of India as her impetus. It is this dependence on colonialism that marks the story as essentially Victorian, even more than the references to period objects, class relations, and so forth [Burnett’s first version of the story, Sara Crewe, was published in 1888; the longer novel, A Little Princess, was published in the 1905.:] Sara may lose her father (permanently in the Burnett novels, temporarily in the films), she may seem to lose her social position and become a servant, she may seem to be rebellious or transgressive, but she is still a “princess,” a true daughter of the Empire.

Imperial India is hyperreal, in Jean Baudrillard’s term: an object fetishized by its loss, a reality rendered unreal by its “hallucinatory resemblance to itself” (“Symbolic Exchange and Death”). Producing language, narrating India, Sara is also reproducing the same ideological structures that generate the plot-problems she is trying to overcome. Her every effort to retain self-respect in her poverty reinforces her difference from the story’s other poor characters; her friendly gestures toward the Indian servant Ram Dass reiterate her standing as a member of the Raj’s officer class; her ability to survive without her father demonstrates her dependence on the symbolic economy she inherited from him. A Little Princess, in text and film versions, sets forth the hyperreal spectacle of empire in a particularly clear way.

Mary Ronan Drew: The Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett is the all-time great fantasy book for little girls. Big girls, too. It's a classic riches to rags to riches story and like The Count of Monte Cristo, the all-time great revenge novel, it never ceases to satisfy.

Our heroine is placed in a girl's school by her father, a very rich British civil servant in India. Then he dies and she is thought to be penniless and is treated badly. But no, it turns out, she is really fabulously wealthy and her father's best friend has been wearing himself to a frazzle trying to find her.

Found she is and the book ends with her happily ensconced in the home of this man whom she had never met before her father died. And disturbingly, she doesn't seem to miss her father all that much now that she has another rich man to buy clothes and dolls for her.

Well, we won't dwell on that part of the story. The rest of it is pure and delightful fantasy. A mysterious Indian servant turns her gloomy garret into a little nest with rugs and a fire and a folding camp chair. Lovely clothes arrive mysteriously in the mail. And there's a rambunctious monkey who plays a significant part in the plot. I've always liked that monkey.

Burnett also wrote what may be my favorite children's book, The Secret Garden.

Lina: a bit Princess is a truly certain publication to me and i'm relatively yes that if it have been written by means of an individual else i'd hate it. Sara is a truly specific character, since it will be argued that she is an in-canon sue. She is, in lots of ways, ideal and blessed, initially, with privileges. That being said, that perfection doesn't make her a terrible character. Sara is particularly self-aware of her flaws and her function in society. Being spoiled via her father didn't make her a spoiled person, nor did it provide her a sense of snob-like superiority. whereas imagining herself as a princess, Sara plays the traits she affiliates with princesses: kindness, polite, worrying and intelligent. (It jogs my memory loads of innovative lady Utena in a sense.) She is prepared to befriend these much less lucky than her and does whatever most folks this day can't, realize her personal privilege. And Sara does get angry, does get pissed off and does not regularly act as type as she should, however the entire element is that she attempts to be an outstanding person. Her kindness is real and does not come from a necessity to teach off, this is often who she is and Burnett portrays that during a manner that endears us to Sara instead of locate her obnoxious. The ebook does have problems with classicism and difficult Indian fetishism, yet total i believe this is often one of many most interesting kid's books available in the market and it has held up because the first time i have learn it.

احمد هلال: الحمد لله رب العالمين القصة رائعة و لكن لدى عليها علامات---القصة جميلة ، ورائعة ومدهشة ، و فيها من الأبعاد الأنسانية مايروى حديقة صغيرة فينبت فيها أزهارا مبتسمة متفتحة ، و لكن الكاتبة أخلت قصتها من الإيمان بالله عز وجل ، فكل الأحادث الجميلة حدثت و كل المشاكل حدثت ثم كل الحلول الممتازة تحققت بعيدا عن الجانب الإيمانى .القصة تتحدث عن الفتاة الصغيرة التى استطاعت أن تصمد لأصعب الظروف معتمدة على القيم المثالية مجردة من العقيدة ، و معتمدة على الخيال ، فسارة الطفلة الجميلة كانت تتخيل أنها أميرة ومهما حدث يجب أن تتصرف كأميرة وهذا الخيال الذى آمنت به أنقذها طــوال القصة ، فهى قد عطفت على الفقراء و المساكين دائما وكان قلبها شجاع وطيب دائما و كانت بحق "ألف رجل فى فتاة صغيرة "، كان عمادها الوحيد فى الحياة ماتربت عليه من المثالية و الشجاعة و ما أوغلت فيه من الخيال إذ أعتبرت نفسها دائما و أبدا أميرة حقيقية.-------------------------إضافة متأخرة: القصة تخلوا من الإيمان ، آه القصة تخلو من الإيمان ، القصة حلوة آاه القصة حلوة ، فقط لا غير ، و الطفل يخرج منها دون أن يلتفت حقا إلى أن كل شئ إنما يجرى بتدبير الله عز وجل. هذا ما لاحظته فما العيب فى أن أتكلم به ؟؟ !!بخصوص نقاش حول وجهة نظرى فى القصة على مجموعة ماذا تقرأ هذه الأيام

El: approximately six months in the past I learn the key backyard for potentially the 1st time, and whereas i used to be chuffed to have eventually learn it, learned that I most likely may have favored it extra if I had learn it as a more youthful reader.I felt equally a couple of Little Princess.In this tale we've got younger Sara Crewe, a precocious and clever little woman whose father indulges her each whim and desire, despatched to a seminary for younger girls the place she makes use of her mind's eye to make acquaintances and a few enemies. while her father dies (not a spoiler, it really is at the again cover, calm down), Sara is left within the arms of pass over Minchin, the nasty headmistress who already does not like Sara because... well, who is familiar with why exactly. In those forms of books, one by no means wishes a true motive.Because Sara's father is gone, and the cash is gone, pass over Minchin takes to hating on little Sara even harder, tossing her within the attic in a room subsequent to the scullery-maid's and making Sara right into a little slave of sorts. And occasions are sad.But by no means fear! Sara maintains utilizing her mind's eye and enjoying fake and making pals with the rats within the walls. as a result of her patience and protracted do-gooding, issues finally end up turning out pretty much for Sara, inspite of everything, no longer that i used to be quite worried. Sara is this kind of personality for which issues simply certainly paintings out.So, just like the mystery backyard this can be a advantageous little ebook with a pleasant ethical for more youthful readers. As an grownup reader, and one with a crusted up little black heart, i've got greater matters with those stories, social concerns just like the means a person now not White is stereotyped and the way a few individuals are useful and a few are not, yet every body may still aspire to enhance their place in existence which isn't the related as meaning to enhance oneself.The elements I did get pleasure from in regards to the tale are an analogous issues such a lot people right here appreciate: Sara is a bibliophile and kind of socially awkward in her unconventional ways. She stands her floor within the face of adversity and pisses humans off simply because she does not increase her voice while they're screaming at her. I mean, yeah. i am getting it.I additionally liked the inclusion of the rats. I fell a bit in love with Melchisedec and am campaigning for my boyfriend to alter certainly one of his rats' names to that, a difficult conflict contemplating his rats are all females. i feel rats are likely to now not have sturdy illustration in literature, so i used to be happy to work out Sara befriending them. i did not do an identical whilst I had mice in my residence as soon as upon a time, that was once downright stressful and lousy and that i do not believe I slept good for nearly a whole year. yet rats are loads of enjoyable - the puppy kind. (Or those who activity capes and feature adventures.) no longer the jumbo-sized sewer rats you notice digging within the trash in Baltimore.

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